Encoding Server Down "hardware problem"


 - ETA 10/05/2019 Encoding Server offline , possible hardware problem. 

Engineer in the course of research to solve the problem. Deadlines due to the weekend

- ETA 10/05/2019 : Problem Solved , all users have been moved to a replacement server

4th Oct 2019
Encoding server is offline : Hardware problem

Hello,Encoding have a hardware problem. Probably a hard drive is dead but nothing is sure.  We have updated this thread when we have more information.We will keep you informed of the situation.Update 1 : Server is now online.Update 2 : Server offline again, a HDD dying. Need to wait more info from the Data-CenterFriendlyRDP Administrator. Read More »

24th Dec 2015
Server currently offline (Resolv)

Hello,An important incident in the datacenter temporarily taken offline three of our server (server01 ; server1 ; server03) . We expect more information from the data center about the problem. Thank you for waiting We will update this thread when we have more information.  Update : Problem is now resolv.Best Regards,FriendlyRDP Administrator Read More »

13th Mar 2015
Server4 Maintenance/Migration (Resolve)


Maintenance is planned on the "Server4" . Random crash for no apparent reason. Reinstall / migration may be necessary.

More information in the hours to come.

Updtate : No more crash since updating the bios.

Best Regards,

24th Mar 2014
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